Mark - bass guitar & backing vocals



Mark grew up in a musical household, his father being a jazz pianist. He started playing bass in 1974 with a Cambridge rock band. Over the years he has played with various bands of differing musical styles including function-wedding-covers, Rock, Folk, Americana and Country.

In 1980 he ended up playing with local Rock/Originals band Buzzard.

After which he went back to the Country music scene and joined the Budgie Coleman Band in 1993 and played for Budgie for 10 years. He then had a four year stint with Tequila Sunrise (another top Country act).

Wanting to return to the broader musical spectrum of Function/Party/Wedding music, he searched for a band to join but being unable to find what he was looking for locally decided to advertise on the web for musicians.

He was fortunate to find a talented, friendly and like-minded group of people and thus Rendition was born.

"A superb band, the best yet! Long may it continue . . . ."

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