Nick - keyboards


Nick has been squeezing music out of electronic devices for many years. Having tasted the rock and roll lifestyle at this tender age, he went on to study music and recording at University College Salford.

During this time he developed a weird music based on electronics and bits of tape, which has ensured that he has remained completely obscure (except for a year or so in the group ManaMaya) ever since. There have been various other cover bands over the years (Nick had to get out and play something people actually wanted to hear occasionally), but none quite as polished as this one.

Nick is very pleased to have been included in the band, especially as he knew virtually none of the songs when he joined! It has been a fast learning process, but he can now produce Hammond organs and brass parping noises to order.

He is looking forward to expanding the band's sound as things progress, and achieving some 'virtually un-coverable' cover versions that no one in their right mind - except us - would attempt.

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